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ooc: verses [27 Jul 2012|09:36pm]
Current with canon; Auggie's main verse, seen in SWS/SSWS/memebells.

Who is Auggie Anderson?Collapse )
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For Annie [09 Jul 2012|11:42pm]
Takes place after Two friends making confessions.
Idea taken from This meme.


for annieCollapse )
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[04 Jul 2012|09:50pm]
Grin, Ladies love a blind guy.

Whatever it is, I'm blaming Jai.

Someone vows to tell the truth.

Two friends make some confessions.
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[11 Jun 2012|08:30pm]
Jazz Fest - Annie.
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[23 May 2012|11:59pm]
He sighed as he sat in his apartment, running a come through his hair. Work had been long and he was glad for the reprieve. After changing and getting cleaned up, he was ready to go spend time with Annie. It would be nice to catch up with her. He'd been read in on the ops he missed, but that wasn't the same.

He wanted to chat with his friend. His best friend.

"She better be taking good care of that car," he teased as he got up and headed outside to wait for her. She would be picking him up. She better be in that car.
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DISCLAIMER [01 Sep 2008|02:50am]
scene request drop-off.
AIM, Thread, Storybook friendly.
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